Old Testament – Volume 5

Auteur: ds. C.J. Meeuse
Illustrator: Arie van der Spek
Uitgever: Ripe Publishing
ISBN: 978-94-91000-10-1
Druk: eerste
Aantal pagina’s: 31
Eigenschappen: geïllustreerd, omslag en binnenwerk full-colour, gebonden

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Sorrow and Comfort in the Life of Job

A lonely man is standing on the top of a hill. He looks far into the distance and sees how his sheep and goats are grazing in the large valley below. Young men are walking there. They have to make sure that the animals don’t go astray. There are two large flocks. The sheep are walking on the one side, while the goats are on the other side. It would not be easy for you to count all the animals, but the man on the hill knows how many sheep and goats he has. Altogether they number seven thousand.
The man now looks in another direction. There lies another valley and the animals grazing there also belong to him. These animals are much bigger than the sheep and goats. They are camels. There are also servants there to care for the animals. If you would like to count the camels you would not be able to, but the rich man on the hill also knows how many camels he owns. There are three thousand of them. It won’t be long before he won’t be able to see them anymore. They continue to wander farther away, passing over the hill to find food. His servants make sure that they stay together…

[Engelse uitgave van ‘God zorg voor Job’]

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