New Testament – Volume 6

Auteur: ds. C.J. Meeuse
Illustrator: Arie van der Spek
Uitgever: Ripe Publishing
ISBN: 978-94-91000-33-1
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Parables of the Lord Jesus

A Man leaves a house in the village of Capernaum. He takes the road leading to the Sea of Galilee. Behind Him walk several other men; they follow Him through the village streets. This Man is the Lord Jesus, and the men following Him are His disciples. Everywhere the people stare at them. They call out to each other, “There goes Jesus, the great Prophet!” Is He perhaps going to perform a miracle somewhere? Or is He going to speak so beautifully again as He often does? They do not know, but they decide to follow Him. Small groups of people come from all directions and they all head to the Sea of Galilee. When the Lord Jesus arrives there with His disciples, they see all the people who have already arrived there: everyone wants to get close to Him. Because of this it is impossible for Him to address them. However, fishing boats are moored along the seashore. Not so long ago the disciples had often fished here. Now the Lord Jesus may use one of those boats. He steps into it. No, He does not sail away! He intends to stay with the people. He wants to teach them by way of stories. He begins to tell them how God’s Kingdom must enter into people’s hearts. The Lord must also become King in your heart.

[Engelse uitgave van ‘Het mooiste Koninkrijk’]

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