New Testament – Volume 12

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Illustrator: Arie van der Spek
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The Revelation to John on Patmos

A lonely man is walking on the rocky shore of the beautiful island of Patmos. He is old and his hair is grey, but he can still see clearly. His eyes gaze across the sea to the coast of the mainland. He looks with sorrow at the mountains and he thinks of the people who live there, whom he knows so well. He would gladly be with them, but he cannot go to them. The mighty Emperor Domitian has ordered him to be taken prisoner. Soldiers have taken him on a boat and carried him to this island. He is an exile, banished to this island in the Mediterranean Sea. But why has the emperor exiled him? And why does he long so much to see the people who live on the mainland?
Domitian had become emperor in Rome. He was a brother of Titus, who had captured and destroyed the city of Jerusalem with his Roman armies. Domitian was a cruel emperor. He ordered important people in Rome to be taken prisoner and to be exiled to distant places. They were not permitted to return to their homeland. Domitian was also an enemy of the Christians…

[Engelse uitgave van ‘Toen de hemel openging’]

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