Old Testament – Volume 1

Auteur: ds. C.J. Meeuse
Illustrator: Arie van der Spek
Uitgever: Ripe Publishing
ISBN: 978-94-91000-03-4
Druk: eerste
Aantal pagina’s: 47
Eigenschappen: geïllustreerd, omslag en binnenwerk full-colour, gebonden

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From the Creation to the Tower of Babel

Do you like plants and flowers, such as the plants which grow in your house or in the garden, which can flower so beautifully with all kinds of magnificent colours? Do you like the shrubs that grow everywhere, or the trees,
which can get so very big and strong?
Do you like animals such as the birds, which can sing their beautiful songs, or the butterflies, or the bees which collect honey from the flowers? Do you like the fish and all the other kinds of animals which live in the water? Of course you are familiar with animals such as dogs, sheep and horses. You also know that in other countries there are big animals like lions, giraffes and elephants…

[Engelse uitgave van ‘De eerste mensen’]

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