Queen Esther


The History of Queen Esther and Mordecai

It is very busy in the city of Shushan. Everyone is hard at work preparing for the king’s enormous banquet. The bakers are baking delicious cakes and pastries. The butchers are slaughtering many cattle and sheep. The best wine is brought to the king’s palace. Almost everyone in the city is busy for the enormous banquet of king Ahasuerus.
It is not a banquet lasting just one night. No, the banquet lasts 180 days! For this whole time the mightiest men of the kingdom are invited to stay in the palace and celebrate with the king!

[Engelse uitgave van ‘Koningin Esther’]

Old Testament – Volume 23

Auteur: ds. C.J. Meeuse
Illustrator: Arie van der Spek
Uitgever: Ripe Publishing
ISBN: 978-94-91000-21-8
Druk: eerste
Aantal pagina’s: 46
Eigenschappen: geïllustreerd, omslag en binnenwerk full-colour, gebonden

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